Web Site, Socials and Personal Updates for Q2 of 2024

So, this update might come as something unexpected from my side, but it’s all good – perfect for another post, I reckon. Though it will be brief, don’t be surprised if there are quite a few changes to unpack. Changes are for Web Site, Social Media Platforms and bit of personal updates.

First and foremost – yes, you’re seeing it correctly – I finally secured the .hr TLD and domain for my site. By the end of January and into early February, I was grappling with the decision because, let’s be honest, 90 Euros a year is pretty steep. But, in combination with my current domain, which will continue to redirect to this site and serve as a backup (since an older project resides on that subdomain), I believe it’s worth the investment. Moreover, I’m transitioning to new hosting.

Yup, the second update is my move from Oracle Cloud to Contabo VPS after nearly two years with Oracle. I won’t be deleting the old server; it’ll stand by as a backup should any issues arise with Contabo VPS.

Here are the specs for the Contabo VPS:

  • CPU: AMD Epyc 7282 (using 6 cores)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 100GB NVMe SSD
  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • cPanel: Cloudpanel

In addition to these updates, there’s one more concerning the website(s): all premium plugins that I previously used under the “GPL” license are now under a paid subscription. Thankfully, they are covered by my Revolut Ultra plan, which offers great cashback on some plugin purchases. Since these plugins aren’t limited to just one site, I’d say they’re definitely worth it.

For my followers, there’s exciting news too: a fresh design overhaul, now more accessible and user-friendly, especially for those with impairments. This includes a revamped homepage and fixes to previously buggy designs on Blog Posts, Projects, and other pages like Affiliates and Referrals, which have been updated with new partnerships, particularly since joining the CJ.com Affiliate Marketing network.

The website is currently undergoing translation into Croatian, which is taking a bit longer than expected. I’m meticulously reviewing the content to ensure technical phrases are accurately translated, as direct translations can sometimes miss the mark.

On the social media front, it’s a warm welcome back to the Blue badge on Twitter and new Blue Badge on Instagram. I previously abandoned the pursuit of verification badges but have since decided to re-embrace them with Twitter Plus and Meta Verified services.

I must confess, posting on other social media platforms has taken a back seat lately due to a demanding work schedule and a recent promotion, which requires much of my attention. However, this also positions me well for further advancements in my career.

To wrap this up: a huge thank you to everyone for the substantial increase in subscribers and followers over the past few months. On YouTube, we’ve hit 2.5k subscribers, crossed 350 followers on Instagram, and surpassed 800 on our Facebook Page, all thanks to a few well-placed promotions.

All content has been proofread with ChatGPT 4.0 for enhanced clarity.

The cover image was created using Canva Pro.

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Published on:
6. April 2024.
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