Hello, my name is Marko

and I'm Support Agent IT Guy Webmaster Gamer

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About me

Hello, I’m Marko Idžan. Currently, I serve as a Support Agent at Hrvatski Telekom, balancing my role with freelance projects in Web Design and Development. Photography and Content Creation also play a significant part in my professional landscape.

A bit more about my journey: Born into a Catholic family in early September of 1993, I take pride in my roots. The skills I possess today are largely self-taught, supplemented by formal education that steered me towards the IT sector. Here, I developed a keen interest in managing small-office/home-office workflows and dabbled in networking.

My educational journey began at Primary School “Žitnjak”, paving the way to Technical High School “Ruđera Boškovića”, where I graduated as a Computing Technician. My academic pursuits continued at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, initially in Electronic and Communications Engineering and culminating in a BTech in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services Engineering.

Before my current role at Hrvatski Telekom, I gained diverse experience working for various companies. My responsibilities spanned a wide array, including PC/Mac servicing, server deployment and management, website and e-shop creation and management, social media management, customer support, and occasionally, sales representation in retail settings.

Even with a full-time or part-time job, I’m always engaged in freelance web design and development, alongside creating content, particularly in photography and videography. In my downtime, gaming is a cherished hobby, with a particular fondness for the Football Manager series.

At present, I’m dedicated to my work as a Support Representative for Hrvatski Telekom.

Personal Timeline

Started Primary School "Žitnjak"
Started first YouTube Channel
Started Technical School "Ruđera Boškovića"
Created first personal Web Site
Started College at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences
Started working for "Gold Deal Ltd."
Started working for "Great Choice Ltd."
Started working for "Global Print Ltd."
Freelancing and honorary jobs
Started working for "Transcom"
Started working for "Hrvatski Telekom"

My Skills

Web Design and Development - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E

Web Design & Development

I specialize in creating, designing, and maintaining a wide range of websites, tailoring each site to meet specific client needs and ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Customer Support Agent - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E

Customer Support Agent

As a Customer Support Agent at Hrvatski Telekom, I specialize in efficiently resolving billing queries with empathy and precision, ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, I engage in opportunistic sales, skillfully identifying and fulfilling customer needs during interactions, thereby enhancing their experience and contributing to the company's growth.

System Administration - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E

System Administration & PC Building

Experienced in system administration and PC building, I have a knack for servicing and assembling purpose-driven PCs. My expertise is enriched by hands-on work in a small office environment and ongoing home lab projects, covering Windows, macOS, and Linux in various client and server roles.

Social Media and SEO - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E

Social Media Management & SEO

I possess a strong skill set in SEO and social media management, with a particular emphasis on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. My expertise includes optimizing content for search engines, enhancing online visibility, and leveraging meta tags, keywords, and insights to create impactful online presences for businesses and individuals, ultimately maximizing their digital reach and impact.

Photography - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E

Photography and Videography

As a passionate photographer and videographer, my smartphone has become my primary tool, brilliantly capturing life's varied moments and breathtaking landscapes. This compact yet powerful device enables me to create stunning visuals, effortlessly turning the world around me into a gallery of memories and scenes.

Gaming - Created by ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E


As an avid gamer, I find my greatest joy in the immersive worlds of single-player games, with titles like the Football Manager series being my favorites. My gaming journey is a testament to the captivating experiences and intricate stories that single-player games uniquely offer, providing a personal adventure each time I play.




If you want to contact me you can use e-mails or other Social Media Platforms for Communication, which are linked below.

I will answer to your question in 48 hours of sending your message.

I’m not responding for promotions of unwanted content (ie. Crypto, Scams, MLM) or even purchasing your services.

+385 (0)91 733 5080

Phone number is available via Calls, SMS, RCS, WhatsApp and Telegram

I'm available on Social Media Platforms below
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