Web Site & Social Media Update for Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024

Again, here is another Web Site, Blog, Portfolio, and Social Media Updates post.

This was initially a quick review of my current smartphone, but then I decided to include updates on the Web, Blog, Portfolio, and Socials, as I forgot to update for Q3 of 2023 and have been posting less regularly everywhere.

To begin the post, as it is written on Christmas – Merry Christmas to you all! I’m wishing you all the best on the day when our Christ was born. This is his day, and we are happy with then and who is looking into us with these eyes and seeing what is happening in the world.

Now to the important part: what happened with postings on socials. They were semi-regular and not so much interesting, and even if they were, we can now see that I don’t have a Blue Check-mark on Twitter/X. For the first part – I got a new full-time job. I didn’t expect that I would like it, but hey, full-time work and plus it is fully remote is perfection. For the Blue Check-mark – screw it, Elon, I’m not paying for that. No chance. It was enough to get my post so LastQuake can keep their API Access for free, while in other replies, I don’t flipping care about it. It is enough that I pay for services like YouTube Premium with Music Premium for the whole Family and brand email, Google Workspace additional storage on multiple mail accounts. Now every service is pay to use, flip this (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

As for private life: well, it could be better with health. When you get into your 30’s, you can feel everything from day-to-day small aches after 2 hours of working with clients to other things connected with it. Damn, with years, health is getting well, into how would Germans say: Scheiße.

Continuing with personal life and the blog: there are posts in Draft in which I might explain how to work with customers who will escalate on the line just to get things to their side, even though your recommendation is way better. Oh, didn’t get it already – I switched companies. For the last 6 months, I’ve been working for Croatian Telekom (Hrvatski Telekom), not Transcom WorldWide. I’m a Customer Support Agent but for the Billing/Finances Department with basics of Technical Support for one of our sub-brands, EvoTV. Yeah, I’m working in one of the few fully remote teams with great colleagues from all around Croatia and great Team Leaders who are there to help whenever needed.

For almost the final part: how it will be in the future with the Blog, Portfolio, and Socials. I’ll start with Socials as that is easy: there will be semi-regular posts as usual, nothing unexpected like daily posts. At worst, new posts will be every 2 to 3 weeks, excluding our company’s internal social media platform Jenz (oh, another one) where it might be even more frequent depending on the days. As of the last post, we have lost one Social Media platform – Pebble/T2, on which I was regular.

Other socials like Mastodon, Threads, Instagram, Twitter (I’m not calling it X no matter what, Twitter for life), Bluesky, and Facebook are enough for maintaining, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Threads for the parish part of it. I’ll not forget YouTube; I’m still doing descriptions and preparing for sharing multiple videos from Draft/Private to Public. While mentioning YouTube, I got a spike in views with 2 videos, one older which was found and shared on Slobodna Dalmacija, while the other was a paid promotion and it worked flawlessly. Gained over 200 subscribers from both promotions, and I’m hoping for another spike from that Slobodna Dalmacija share. It was unexpected to see my name in Google Search Notifications which I created to get if somebody posts something with my name.

For the future of this site: new blog posts are coming soon™️, including a review of my current phone, a Xiaomi model from their Poco sub-brand, which I’m quite satisfied with, especially considering the price. Additionally, expect a few bonus reviews (one is seriously overdue – I mean, four months overdue! My procrastination, coupled with new work commitments, delayed its completion). Rest assured, I intend to finish and proofread these pending pieces, with a little help from ChatGPT 4.0, which I’m currently using.

The cover image for this post is my own creation, designed using Canva Pro. The text has been proofread with the assistance of ChatGPT 4.0.


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25. December 2023.
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