Short, but useful review of Realme 6s

So, this will be short and creative review of Realme 6s which was bought from our mobile operator for super cheap.

Specifications of device can be found on GSMArena. There are few changes which aren’t noted in GSMArena are NFC which works (yeah, it works, tested it with Google Pay and Revolut Visa card and yes, it works fine).

Just to be clear, this was and still is my secondary device which I mostly use to watch some videos (pirated mostly and YouTube), play games on that smooth 90Hz refresh rate LCD Display and do some thing that I don’t wanna to do on my main Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro like test out new applications.

As a matter of fact, this device have separate Google Accounts and it is also set up to be used with old Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (and yes, don’t judge me but I’m using Mi Band 5 for few months now and I’m impressed how better detection’s are, but more about all of it later on or in next post.)

Device Specifications and nit pickings

So, yeah. I will note some exceptional specifications like 30W Super Dart/VOOC Charging (yeah, Realme is sub-brand of Oppo) and device charges in like a hour. It is powerful and chargers at 15W while connected through Xiaomi’s 33W Power brick.

Another nitpicking is that phone is sometimes bit sluggish with 4GB of RAM. That is from guy who use multiple devices and main one is Xiaomi with 6GB is RAM. And yeah, sometimes it looks faster then Xiaomi because of 90Hz LCD.


Now for part which was tested a lot but lot of photos are private ones. Some examples can be found on Google Photos Gallery. With main 48Mpx camera I can say that shots are fine. I mean, after 8 months of using crazy camera systems from main phone this was a well, bit of letdown.

Front facing camera is just fine, seriously my face looks horribly 😂. Examples are in Gallery.

Video examples unfortienatly didn’t created, or if it were created those are private ones.

On plus side, there is port of GCam, but it is created with config for Realme 6, not 6s (which have different camera systems, more differences about phones can be found on GSMArena.

Battery and Conclusion

As for battery life of this 4300mAh battery, I can say few words – it can survive my usage. Seriously, even when I put my main SIM Card in phone for a week with 4G, GPS, NFC, WiFi and brightness all way with Auto (as I was mostly outside or in early morning going to Driving School Lessons) it survived day and half mostly. I say mostly, as there was few days when battery did take me one day to melt it down to 10% from 100%. Other days battery can survive 2 or more days with SIM card in it and without 4G enabled but with lot of YouTube shenanigans. This means that battery can get in 6+ hours of Screen on Time, which is perfect.

In conclusion: device is fine, I mean, updates are sort-of regular (as of writing this device is still on Android 10 but with April 2021 patch) and it should be great second device. Or maybe somebody from who device break will get it, who knows what future do for it.

Cover image is shot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, this review was written on old tablet, current desktop and this device. All images and videos are from Realme 6s.

Revolut link is my affiliate link which supports my works.

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1. June 2021.
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